Questions You May Have

So, why is life so difficult?
Because the creation of the universe is a violent, difficult process in which you play a key role.

Why do fear, pain, and evil exist?
Because our conscious perception of these things at this point in space-time must exist for the system to balance. In the case of fear and pain, these will be ultimately transcended by being gradually replaced by difficult responsibility. As far as evil is concerned, this is really a positive conscious experience for the evil-doer and will naturally be gradually phased out of existence. In fact, it is our responsibility right now as conscious beings to fight for good in the universe.

Why is life so unfair?
Life only appears to be unfair. In reality everyone's conscious experience of life balances around zero regardless of their circumstances, and since our common sense notion of time is only a necessarily inaccurate paradigm, the concept of a shorter life is rendered somewhat meaningless as well. Additionally, no one is "better" than anyone else, because no one could be removed from the universe with the universe remaining balanced and interconnected and therefore in existence.

What is the point of the universe?
The point of the universe is quite simply: to exist at all. What gives ultimate meaning to life? The ultimate meaning in life can be found in the struggle to help create reality, and in the knowledge that every moment of your life and everything you build is truly eternal and necessary.

How did it all begin?
It has always existed.




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