The Nature of Ultimate Reality

(or The Evolution of The Super-Conscious Unity)

(or Sequential Eternal Monotheistic Holism)

By David M. Petersen

(Version 17)



The nature of a Supreme Being or God, The matter/mind problem, individual freewill, the language and meaning problem, the point of man's existence; these are some of the ages old philosophical problems relative to the nature of ultimate reality, and I believe that this book goes a long way towards resolving all of them. It is a document that hopefully truly shows that all current human knowledge in general can co-exist in one theory with minor adjustments to existing theories and dogmas all around. As such this is a philosophy or metaphysics (in the classical sense of the word), which I will term Sequential Eternal Monotheistic Holism, for reasons that will hopefully become clear later on. It is my belief that this attempt at ultimate truth can only be fully comprehended by the use of an internal mental image that is 'four dimensional', within which one's own self is included. I use the term four dimensional for lack of a better description, since this dimensional paradigm is only a quantification of that truly holistic entity which is our universal energy system. This document is an attempt to convey this mental image, (imperfect in my mind yet very powerful, I believe) by using language in a descriptive way in order to hopefully generate the image in other individuals. The conscious reaction to the mental image itself is where meaning lies, not in the language used to attempt to convey it. Also, language will always break down at some point in describing the ultimate reality of the universe. To attempt to comprehend the nature of reality on a large scale, we must use the imaginative 'right side' of our brains, not the analytical 'left side' from which language originates.