You must attempt to see (and keep trying) all of this existing simultaneously as a series of events and as an eternal structure within a four dimensional image containing the big bang, yourself, evolving organisms, the Super-Conscious Unity and the big crunch all at once, because you will get better at it. I have found that attempting to render this image this in my mind, or more specifically, catching a glimpse of the image from a new angle that I can feel to be true, more often than not triggers what has previously be called a transcendental spiritual experience. This, I believe, is true communication with the SCU. It is not, of course, the only way to communicate with the SCU. To those that say "but it looks like the universe will keep expanding forever," I would say, first of all, what a vast ugly image! And secondly, that you haven't taken all forces into account. In closing, logically speaking, I believe that ultimate truth must be searched for outside the bounds of both science and religion, because, while I have the utmost respect for both, it is obvious that neither discipline will suffice to encompass it. Lastly, while I believe this theory is definitely approaching the truth, it, of course, could not possibly be the entire truth. This document has a version number, and I fully expect to be debating and revising this theory my entire life. I would therefore appreciate anyone finding a flaw in my logic to email me at You will of course be credited for your contribution, if any.

Influential Books:
The First Three Minutes - Steven Weinberg
A Brief History Of Time - Stephen Hawking
Relativity - Albert Einstein
Quantum Reality - Nick Herbert
The Alchemy Of The Heavens - Ken Croswell
About Time - Paul Davies
The Origin Of Humankind - Richard Leakey
Complexity - M. Mitchell Waldrop
The Phenomenon Of Man - Pierre Teihlard de Chardin
The World's Religions - Huston Smith
The Teachings Of The Mystics - Walter T. Stace
A Brief History of Everything - Ken Wilber
How Near Death Is A Near Death Experience? (article) - Catherine Houck "The Hidden Mind," Scientific American Special Addition, Vol. 12, number 1, 2002

Special thanks to my brother Steve for his very significant editing contribution to this document. This document is on file with the United States Office of Copyrights.


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