The Super-Conscious Unity

All of the order in the universe is created by the Super-Conscious Unity (SCU) and 'self-designs,' (entities that are guiding their own evolution) and co-exists with chaos.

Individuals are thus created by the SCU, chaos(chance), and themselves (more and more as the system progresses).

Individual freewill truly does exist but should not be confused with individuality, which, while new from that which came before, is not really free from the forces that created it. An individual's will is relative to, or in other words, completely separate and therefore free from, the wills of all other conscious beings existing within the simultaneous 'past present and future' of the universal energy system including the Super-Conscious Unity, and is taken into account within the whole of the system.

Relational free will is absolutely necessary to the existence of reality and forms a sort of 'partnership' (good or evil, positive or negative) with the SCU (and others) to create reality, which balances overall.

The actual personal connection with the SCU is the mystical experience, also known as the transcendental spiritual experience, the powerful feeling of being 'one with the universe'. If you really have one of these, you will never forget that you have.

Remember that our system is actually simultaneous; the relationship between Man and God seems to be such that conscious energy transcends time, as demonstrated by the mystical experience, unlike mere material energy that follows rules of causality. in this way the SCU is intimately interconnected with all of the conscious energy in the system, or in other words, all of the evolving conscious beings in the system.

Because all of reality is balanced and interconnected, everything and everyone within reality is absolutely essential to the existence of reality. For example, all that mankind has achieved, as well as, say, the star called Alpha Centauri, literally could not exist without that poor, down and out bum on the street. The appreciation of this is the true basis for ethics. I would like to call this property of the universe 'inclusive absolute necessity.'




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