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True 'nonexistence' is real. Not a void with a clock ticking, but absolute nothing. Within nothing, there is no time and no space.

All of reality is actually balanced around nothing by being spun out of different opposing energies or systems on either 'side' of zero on every level; levels such as atoms, molecules, organisms, minds, etc. We tend to call the opposing energies on these different levels positive or negative.

Reality is a physical energy system that is marked by what we call change, three dimensions are always changing in a flowing way within the whole of reality.

There is 'rigid logical structure'(mathematics corresponds to this) underlying everything, but everything ultimately includes and transcends this framework because it incorporates (must incorporate) chaos.

Because of the absolute relativity of time, our common sense view of time must be seen for what it is: merely the rate of three dimensional change corresponding to a flowing shape within the four dimensional simultaneous physical energy system.

Correlating works, ideas or systems:

Alan Guth's Inflationary Universe Theory (a theory that provides a mathematical basis for the exact balance of positive and negative energy in the universe)

Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity ( proof of the absolute relativity of time)

The Science of Complexity (a scientific paradigm that shows that chaos is just as important and prevelant as order in physical systems)





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